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Accommodation in Dubrovnik - Pile and Ploce


Pile and Ploce are the oldest suburbs of Dubrovnik. They are both perfectly located just outside Dubrovnik City walls to which they gravitate. The suburbs consist mainly of old and new stone houses and there is barely no large residential buildings in the area. Accommodation in this area is maybe one of the best in Dubrovnik as many of the houses offer nice views of Dubrovnik and the open sea. Some of the most famous Dubrovnik beaches are located in this area, most notably Banje beach and St. Jakov Beach. A problem in the area could be availability of parking space. However you should check with the owner if the accommodation unit has its own parking space.

Ivanica - Apartments with a view of the Adriatic Sea

Houses in Ivanica overlook Zupa valley and the Adriatic seaAlternative to the accommodation in Dubrovnik you may want to look into booking apartments or houses on Ivanica on a much more affordable rate. The trick is that Ivanica is a place on the border only 6 kilometres (5 miles) out of Dubrovnik and you need to cross the border to your accommodation. However border crossing is soft and it takes you only a few minutes to pass the border. As a result of its misfortunate location the accommodation in Ivanica costs only a trace of that what you would pay in Dubrovnik.