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Accommodation in Dubrovnik Hotels - Explanation

In the past years there have been many changes in the Dubrovnik hotel offer. New hotels have been built and many hotels have been renewed, upgraded or restored to a new shine and maybe even re-branded.

Thus what once used to be small and cozy family hotel, now may be a luxurious building featuring state of the art furbishing.

With all the changes in the Dubrovnik hotel offer a returning customer may be a little confused with the changed conditions while the new customer may be a bit cautious to all the information and the number of hotels available for booking.

In Dubrovnik there are more than thirty hotels for you to choose from. Around ten Dubrovnik hotels are luxurious, a few are higher class, while the rest of Dubrovnik hotels fall into the average category.

In all this assortment of Dubrovnik hotels it is hard to decide and one must weigh all factors in order to find the best possible solution. Price, location, and special services of a hotel all may have a deciding factor.


We hope you will find the hotel information you are looking for and we wish you a good and pleasant stay in Dubrovnik Hotels l




Ivanica - Apartments with a view of the Adriatic Sea

Houses in Ivanica overlook Zupa valley and the Adriatic seaAlternative to the accommodation in Dubrovnik you may want to look into booking apartments or houses on Ivanica on a much more affordable rate. The trick is that Ivanica is a place on the border only 6 kilometres (5 miles) out of Dubrovnik and you need to cross the border to your accommodation. However border crossing is soft and it takes you only a few minutes to pass the border. As a result of its misfortunate location the accommodation in Ivanica costs only a trace of that what you would pay in Dubrovnik.