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  • Diving in Dubrovnik


  • Trekkers over Mali Ston on Peljesac


  • Kayaking in Dubrovnik, around Elaphite islands


  • Bicycling through Dubrovnik Hills

    Dubrovnik Hills Bicycling

  • Big game fishing in the Adriatic around Dubrovnik

    Deep Sea and Big Game Fishing

  • Wedding in Dubrovnik, a couple standing in front of the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik

    Weddings in Dubrovnik

  • Sailing Boat on the way to Dubrovnik islands

    Sailing Yacht and Boat Charter

  • Speed boat is the perfect Dubrovnik adventure

    Powerboat Adventures

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Adventures of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, as well as the hinterland offers a lot to a traveler who seeks more than mere gastronomy and accommodation. There are many adventures in Dubrovnik that will lure you to give them a go. Here at Dubrovnik Hills we are going to explore into some of those Dubrovnik adventures and maybe even give you special insights that will give you a taste of what is it really that you are embarking upon.

If your preference is sea adventures there is many to choose from starting from Kayaking, jet skiing, and parachute rides to more elaborate adventures such as Learning to Sail or manoeuvre a motorboat yacht.

Powerboat adventures are becoming more and more popular as they combine sightseeing with activities as water skiing, snorkeling, and sun bathing. These are a wonderful one day excursion in the Dubrovnik coastline and archipelago.

With land adventures we turn to Dubrovnik Hills and the hinterland as a whole. Dubrovnik adventures as trekking and bicycling need no special introduction. Only to mention that you would be exploring the green lush vegetation of hills, hillocks, and valleys of Dubrovnik while following those narrow trails through partial wilderness and ancient points of interest..

Weddings all in all are a special adventure. However Dubrovnik wedding is more of a fairytale happening to tell to your grandchildren. Wedding in Dubrovnik is an experience to remember.


Whatever your choice ! We wish you a lot of fun ! Please immerse into our selection and pick your favourites!




"M&R Art" Dubrovnik - Unique Art Deco Jewellery

M&R jewellery in Dubrovnik is unique Art Deco jewelleryWorking out of her studio in the back side of her Dubrovnik family home we find our artisan working on a new Art Deco Jewellery collection.

She welcomes us with a smile and introduces us with the process of making jewellery. The whole process is simply amazing as our host demonstrates how the small beads skillfully turn into unique earring and necklaces.

We politely ask where do the ideas for such a magnificent jewellery come from and she answers with a smile: "Love for creation. I simply love creating."