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  • from Dubrovnik. It overlooks Zupa


  • The Church of St Anne on Brgat

    The Church of St Anne

  • Hill Srdj overlooks Dubrovnik Old Town

    View from Brgat

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Brgat - At the Crossroads

Brgat is composed of two villages Gornji Brgat, and Donji Brgat (upper Brgat; lower Brgat). Brgat is located 5 km (3 miles) from Dubrovnik on the crossroad Dubrovnik-Trebinje-Mokosica. The border crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina is only 1 km (0,5 miles) away from Brgat and the border crossing bears the same name.


The population of Brgat is roughly 200 people.


Except the scenery, the only other attraction on Brgat would be the new and the old church of St. Anne. The new church is from 1914 and the first mention of the old church is in 1366 as the church of St. Petka.


Train enthusiasts may try and follow the long discontinued 76cm narrow rail track that are now almost completely enveloped in vegetation.


Ivanica, place nearby DubrovnikIvanica

As media attention slowly turns towards this small border-place overlooking Dubrovnik's picturesque Zupa Region the beautiful villas continue to sprout up on the hillock-tops just as the real estate market encounters steady increase in value.