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  • Three Adriatic gilt-poll fishes on the grill

    Gilt-poll Fish grilled

  • Fresh Fish in a Dubrovnik restaurant

    Fresh Fish waiting...

  • Trout and Lamb at the table

    Dubrovnik Hills Menu

  • Tasting of varied sorts of Dubrovnik Hills wines

    Wine Tasting

  • Tasty Oysters and mussel shells inspected on one of Dubrovnik Tours

    Oyster Tasting

  • Wine making is a tradition in Dubrovnik

    The Art of Wine making

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Dubrovnik Cuisine

When you ask the experts which kind of cuisine is the most healthy their usual answer is: "The Mediterranean cuisine"! Since Dubrovnik is a coastal city its style of preparing food is also Mediterranean. Sea food, Wine, and Olive oil dominate the menus. However dairy products also find their way onto the table making the menu diverse and healthy.


More inland in the heart of Dubrovnik Hills is a bit different story with mostly lamb and veal meals with river fish hitting the spotlight and dominating the menu which is kind of natural.


Wine is a common and traditional good in Dubrovnik and households will normally have their own domestically produced wine. When visiting restaurants in Dubrovnik you may also ask for a glass of their own house wine. It may prove to be inexpensive and yet pleasing to the senses.

Dubrovnik vineyards are mostly located on Peljesac, a peninsula west of Dubrovnik and Konavle valley, part of the hinterland west of Dubrovnik. Tasting visits are organized in order for you to try out the authentic, traditionally produced, regional wines, liqueurs & brandy's.


Olives and olive oil are traditionally produced on Korcula Island and peninsula Peljesac, both to the west of Dubrovnik and people often regard to olive oil as an elixir and tend to cook all meal with it and add it to the salads. In Dubrovnik restaurants olive oil is commonly served to the table.


In Dubrovnik there is an expression that every fish needs to swim three times: First in the sea, then in olive oil, and lastly in good wine !


Dubrovnik Restaurants - A maze of restaurant choice

Restaurant below Dubrovnik City wallsWhen you start sightseeing Dubrovnik you will notice that there is an abundance of restaurants. People will even catch you on the street and ask you to visit their restaurant and every street and every corner will have at least one tavern or restaurant. Some Dubrovnik restaurants stand out by inexpensive yet tasty food while others offer an interesting ambience, sea view or the like.

Some Dubrovnik restaurants are exclusive and the food is prepared by Master chefs while the service is impeccable

However some restaurants are known to be not so good and you must be very careful to read and choose well. Common mistake is to dine in an empty restaurant as restaurants need to have traffic in order for them to offer good fresh food.