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  • Ivanica is sprouting with new developments. This border-place only 6km from Dubrovnik


  • View from ivanica to Zupa, Cavtat and Dubrovnik Riviera

    View from Ivanica

  • New buildings on Ivanica overlook Adriatic Sea and Dubrovnik Riviera

    New developments on Ivanica

  • Border Crossing in Ivanica is in the middle of the settlement

    Border Crossing Ivanica

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Ivanica - The border place

Ivanica is located 6km (4 miles) away from Dubrovnik just on the border. In order to get to Ivanica you need to pass the border from Croatia into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Luckily, the border regime between the two countries is quite relaxed and passing of the border takes only minutes.

Ivanica has an unobstructed view of the Adriatic sea with Zupa, Cavtat, Mlini, and Srebreno seeming to be as if on a palm.

Distance to the Dubriovnik Riviera beaches in Srebreno and Kupari is about 5 km (3 miles).


The building of Ivanica started in the eighties of the last century. The plan included shopping centers, hospital, SPA's, leisure homes, and many other wellness points. However all these plans went to rubble with the War of 1990's.


After the war ended much of Ivanica had been heavily damaged and re-building immediatelly started. Now after almost two decades of re-building the prospects look bright for Ivanica as much of the damage has been repaired. Many houses and villas are looking better than ever and new developments seem to be sprouting out on every corner.


Due to its close location to Dubrovnik Ivanica gravitates to Dubrovnik and many of its inhabitants work or live in Dubrovnik. There are also a lot of weekend houses on Ivanica as people tend to live elsewhere and then com to spend their weekends or summer vacation on their property on Ivanica.


Ivanica, place nearby DubrovnikIvanica

As media attention slowly turns towards this small border-place overlooking Dubrovnik's picturesque Zupa Region the beautiful villas continue to sprout up on the hillock-tops just as the real estate market encounters steady increase in value.