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Komolac and the Yacht Marina

  • View of Komolac and Dubrovnik Yacht marina

    View of Komolac

  • Source of ombla river in Komolac near Dubrovnik

    Ombla River

  • Dubrovnik Yacht Marina in Komolac

    Yacht Marina in Komolac

  • Rijeka dubrovacka is an important part of Dubrovnik region

    View of Rijeka Dubrovacka

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Komolac - The source of the river Ombla

Komolac is located 5 km (3 miles) from Dubrovnik. Together with Mokosica and several other settlements arrayed in a semicircle on the coast of the fjord like estuary they form an area of what is known as Rijeka dubrovacka. (An english translation would be River of Dubrovnik).

At the end of this fjord like formation, near Komolac, the source of river Ombla is found. Ombla is a spring of River Trebisnjica which goes subterranean 30 km in the hinterland. Ombla is the shortest river in the world with the mere length of only 30 meters in length (90 feet).


Several summer residences of the Dubrovnik noble families of 15th and 16th century are located in the area. The most famous being the Summer residence of the Sorkocevic family which today hosts the offices of the Yacht marina. The Yacht marina has 425 berths and 140 boat places on land. All berths have water and power supply. There are also numerous appended facilities useful for the marina guest.


The notable sightseeing sights in Rijeka dubrovacka include the Franciscan monastery in Rozat from the 14th century, the source of the Ombla river.


As for the other activities walking and bicycling along the estuary, and trekking to the Golubov Kamen hill above the source of Ombla are things to try out.



Konavle - Dubrovnik airport in ─îilipi

Mausokeum of the Racic Family International airport in Dubrovnik is located 18 km (12 miles) from Dubrovnik in Konavle near the village of Cilipi. The airport is regional and handles only flight to and from Dubrovnik. It has only one building terminal with separation for domestic and international flights thus the departure and arrivals are quite simple, although in summer months the airport tends to be crowded due to many charter flights flying in from all over the world.