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  • View from direction if Kupari to Srebrno, places near Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Kupari - The bathing place

Kupari is a village and a former tourist resort approximately 6 km ( 4 miles) away from Dubrovnik.

Kupari is located deep in the horseshoe shaped bay while leaning against the northern slope of hill Gorice. This secluded position in the middle ages protected the village folk from the pirates. The village was first mentioned with the name of Kupari in 1317.


The name “Kupari” (roof-tilers) comes after the factory in which roof-tiles (Kupe) were produced. The year 1200 was pressed onto the products, indicating the day of foundation.

Twelve ovens worked for drying bricks and tiles, and the entire production was supervised by the Dubrovnik Republic, which organised transportation, and sales of tiles.

The clay was dug up from underneath Kupari, which created the Kupari hole that was rumoured to be a source of fever.
The hole was partly filled at the beginning of the First World War and that is when the production of roof tiles (“kupa”) ended.


In the vicinity of Kupari a fortified house called Toreta is found. The house was built in the 17th century in order to protect from the pirates. The house is quadrilateral in form and has an armoury on the first floor.

On the gentle slopes of the tree covered Pelegrin an old Church of St. Stephen (sv. Stjepan), first mentioned in 1279., is found. Dubrovnik writers mention that the church was a gift from the Croatian and Dalmatian King Stephen, son of Krešimir, for getting well again.

The 16th century Church of St. Peter (sv. Petar) was built at the top of the ridge of Trapit, the most beautiful place in Župa with a view of the entire bay.

Kupari is the oldest tourist village in Župa and is where the first hotel was built in 1920. Later Kupari had a huge hotel complex consisting of six hotels.

Now days, in Kupari there is not much of tourist activity except walking and swimming since the huge hotel complex in Kupari is still not renovated since the destruction of war in 1991.

Hopefully one day, the complex will be restored to its former glory and will host the visitors in its luxurious rooms once again. Until then only a curios traveler will pass by the destroyed hotel complex and be reminded by that grave rotting monument of the cruelty and destruction of war.

Cavtat - Mausoleum of the Racic Family

Mausokeum of the Racic FamilyIvan Mestrovic

At the cemetery, on a hill above Cavtat, Croatian famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic built for the Racic family in a mausoleum from white Brac stone . The mausoleum was erected in 1921. Racic family belong to a line of famous sea- captains of Cavtat.

Whereas the mausoleum is built from Brac stone, the only other material used is bronze, of which the door and bell were made. The bronze bell in the cupola bears the inscription "Know the mystery of love and though shall solve the mystery of death and believe that life is eternal." The interior of the mausoleum contains relief's depicting the stages of life.