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Nightlife and Events

  • Disco night at one of the top night out destinations in Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik Clubbing Scene

  • Spontaneous fire show at one of Dubrovnik's bars

    The Art of Bartendering

  • Tasting of varied sorts of Dubrovnik Hills wines

    New Year in Dubrovnik

  • Los tre puntos, ska band, concert in Dubrovnik

    Unforgettable Concerts

  • People Stroll on Dubrovnik most famous street Placa aka Stradun street

    Strolls on Stradun street

  • Dubrovnik Summer Festival opens with fireworks

    Dubrovnik Summer Festival

  • Masquarede parties ar common during the Masquerede season

    Masquerade Bar Parties

  • Climb the masqueron and prove yourself worthy !

    Try to climb this stone (drunk)!

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Dubrovnik Nightlife

Nightlife in Dubrovnik is for the young and old. Whether you like classical music, alternative rock concerts, techno parties there will be a little something for you in Dubrovnik.


Strolls on the famous Stradun street in Dubrovnik is for all the ages. The people stroll up and down the street in a manner of a cat walk, stop to talk to each other, or simply say hello.. It is a long cultivated tradition to make a few "rounds" on Stradun before continuing the night out. The night out scene in Dubrovnik especially sparks up during the summer.


There are many bars in the Old Town Dubrovnik. They are all in small streets and people tend to crowd up the streets trying to access their favourite bar. This is sort of start of the evening. Do not be surprised to see that the night out tends to start a little late in the summer time as people spend the afternoons on Dubrovnik beaches and come home late only to prepare for the night out.


For those who like to chill out there are bars in the open sky squares where live jazz music performances are a daily routine. Beer and cocktails flow in waterfalls and are served in the gallon skyscrapers.


Dubrovnik Summer Festival is a thing for all those who like to enjoy good plays, performances and classical music concerts.


New years in Dubrovnik tend to heat up the winter atmoshpere as there is a open sky celebration on Stradun, with small parties at all of the bars in the neighbouring streets and special techno parties in one of the clubbs.


Choose your party smart and enjoy your nights out in Dubrovnik !



Dubrovnik Summer Festival - Night before the opening

General Rehearsal of opening ceremony of Dubrovnik Summer FestivalThe night before the Dubrovnik Summer Festival opens, on the 09th of July there is a general rehearsal of the opening ceremony which is open for the public. The Dubrovnik public patiently waits on Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik walled city, until the actors are ready. Hence with fanfares and the words of the play's Rector: "Let them in! " the public is let onto the stands to watch the rehearsal.

While the main opening ceremony is formal, during the general rehearsal it is customary for the audiance to interract with the play by shouting out various issues to the performance. The shout outs are usually satyrical in nature and may refelct some past political events or the like, thus the whole performance becomes fun both for the audiance and the actors.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival opens July 10th and closes August 25th .