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Villa Ekrem on Ivanica - On sale by Owner:

  • Foward view of Villa Ekrem on Ivanica nerby Dubrovnik

    Villa Ekrem forward view

  • Many Dubrovnik families offer rooms for rent

    Back view of Villa Ekrem

  • Parking of Villa Ekrem on Ivanica

    Parking Space View

  • Apartment in Villa Ekrem on Ivanica

    Apartment in Villa

  • Apartment in Villa Ekrem in Ivanica

    Apartment in Villa

  • Rooms of VIlla Ekrem on Ivanica

    Rooms in Villa

  • Apartment rooms in a villa on Ivanica

    Rooms in Villa Ekrem

  • Villa Ekrem Bathrooms


Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Villa Ekrem - Valuable property on Ivanica

Close to Dubrovnik in the border place of Ivanica the spatious Villa Ekrem is found.


The villa is three stories high with the upper floors divided into apartments of 40-50 square meters (430-490 square feet).

Each of the two apartmets per floor has its own toilet and a fully equipped kitchen.


The villa has its own private parking that can accommodate four standard sized vehicles, a barbacue area, and an external shower.


The apartments in the villa are rented throughout the year to travelers who like the fresh air and vista view of Ivanica with the close proximity of Dubrovnik and beaches of the Adriatic Sea.


For more detail contatact the owner:


Telephone Contact:


+387 (0)61 897 800


Ivanica - Apartments with view of the Adriatic Sea

Houses in Ivanica overlook Zupa valley and the Adriatic seaAlternative to the accommodation in Dubrovnik you may want to look into booking apartments or houses on Ivanica on a much more affordable rate. The trick is that Ivanica is a place on the border only 6 kilometres (5 miles) out of Dubrovnik and you need to cross the border to your accommodation. However border crossing is soft and it takes you only a few minutes to pass the border. As a result of its misfortunate location the accommodation in Ivanica costs only a trace of that what you would pay in Dubrovnik.