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  • M&R ART Jewellry from Dubrovnik

    Art Deco Jewellery

  • Dubrovnik Online Souvenir Shop

    Dubrovnik Souvenirs online

  • Souvenir Market in Dubrovnik offers cloths and jewellery

    Souvenir Market

  • Lady in national costume producing traditional Dubrovnik cloth articles

    Traditional Dubrovnik Souvenirs

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Shopping and Leisure in Dubrovnik

Now days, with the increase of cruise vessel traffic in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Shopping offers mostly all kinds of souvenirs, local gastronomy products and traditional commodities like jewellery, hand knitted tablecloths, caps, and purseses.

Shopping for popular designer clothing articles in Dubrovnik is not shopper-friendly as Dubrovnik does not have huge shopping malls and shopping centers which reduces the selection of shops and spreads out the area to cover.

Except for several smaller shopping centers, the shops are spread out across Dubrovnik so shopping for designer articles can prove to be a drag if you are not sure what exactly you are looking for.

On the bright side Dubrovnik has also has some shops you won't be able to find anywhere else and those are the shops that are worth shopping in.

People usually ask for authentic Dubrovnik souvenirs. There are a few hand-made products that we can call authentic:

The hand embroidered tablecloths and hand-knitted lace tablecloths native to the Konavle and Zupa region, Dubrovnik silver jewellery, and various coral made jewellery.

Local produce as wine, olive oil, and various herbal alcoholic beverages, and other herbs as lavander we could also put in the catogory of authentic Dubrovnik commodity.


"M&R Art" Dubrovnik - Unique Art Deco Jewellery

M&R jewellery in Dubrovnik is unique Art Deco jewelleryWorking out of her studio in the back side of her Dubrovnik family home we find our artisan working on a new Art Deco Jewellery collection.

She welcomes us with a smile and introduces us with the process of making jewellery. The whole process is simply amazing as our host demonstrates how the small beads skillfully turn into unique earring and necklaces.

We politely ask where do the ideas for such a magnificent jewellery come from and she answers with a smile: "Love for creation. I simply love creating."