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  • Srebreno features nice beaches and walking promenade only a few kilometers away from Dubrovnik


  • View of Srebreno


  • Another part of Srebreno by the sea

    Srebrno by the sea

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Srebreno - The walk starts here

Srebrno is located to the east of Kupari, beside the sea, about 7 km (5 miles) from Dubrovnik and today it is commonly known under the distorted name of Srebreno, which refers to the historical name Sub Brenum which means "under Brenum" (Brenum was a name for Zupa). The first mention of Srebrno is from 1272.

The fragrant countryside with pretty pebble beaches of Srebreno is a favourite destination of the folk of Dubrovnik, whether for winter time walks or summer time swims. The promenade continues into a walking path through Soline and Mlini all the way to Plat and is an interesting walk as the track is covered in oak and cypruss trees and follows the coast with many beaches of Dubrovnik Riviera.


There are several historical sights in Srebrno:

House of the Bunić family from which, unfortunately, only a garden with walls and a chapel remains. The old church dedicated to St Nicholas (sv. Nikola) found inside a castle, which was built afterwards. The church features a valuable altar table with the image of St. Nicholas (sv. Nikola).

The Church of the Heart of Jesus (Srca Isusova) beside the beach that was built by donations from Silvo Miloslavić, a priest and writer with his roots in Srebrno.

The stone renaissance house of the family of the ship’s captain Miloslavić that almost touches the sea and gives a special touch to Srebreno.


Srebrno is one of the favourite leisure destinations of Dubrovnik folk and their guests and has a special place in the touristic offer of Dubrovnik.




Ivanica, place nearby DubrovnikIvanica

As media attention slowly turns towards this small border-place overlooking Dubrovnik's picturesque Zupa Region the beautiful villas continue to sprout up on the hillock-tops just as the real estate market encounters steady increase in value.