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Zupa Dubrovacka

  • picturesque Zupa is located at the base of Dubrovnik Hills 6 km away from Dubrovnik

    Zupa Dubrovacka

  • View from direction if Kupari to Srebrno, places near Dubrovnik


  • Srebreno features nice beaches and walking promenade only a few kilometers away from Dubrovnik


  • Only 6km from Dubrovnik, Mlini (the Mills) with its many streams is found.

    Mlini and Soline

  • Plat, near Dubrovnik, feels like a postcard


Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Zupa - The many villages of Zupa

Although the municipality of Zupa Dubrovacka includes also Kupari, Srebreno, Mlini, and Plat we have separated those places in their own topics in order to highlight the importance of those destinations.


Historical name of Zupa is Brenum and since the long past Roman times there were people inhabiting Zupa region. Zupa has long been a part od Dubrovnik Astarea ("the land of the fathers") and the development of Zupa depended mainly on the rule from Dubrovnik Republic. In the medieval times Zupa was mainly the heart of agricultural production and an important connection in the caravan trade with the hinterland.

Zupa includes many villages in the valley below Dubrovnik Hills. The villages are surrounded by the lush, tame, vegetation while the people live mostly on tourism, and public services while farming is scarce and mostly limited to own needs.


Since Zupa has been inhabited since before the Roman times it is no wonder that seabed in the ┼Żupa bay hides one of the biggest amphora and giant pitos sites in the Mediterranean.


Traditional folk dance in Dubrovnik - "Lindjo" has its roots in Zupa region. The name Linjdo comes after a man from ┼Żupa, Nikola Lale called Lindjo, the best musician on "lijerica", a stringed instrument characteristic of Dubrovnik Region.


Zupski Karnevo (Masquerade) is a satirical masquerade of the Zupa folk performed in Dubrovnik and Cavtat where groups of masked participants with their disguise and performance criticise local happenings in the past year.


In Zupa there are many of walking, and bicycle tracks leading onto a wonderful vista points. Whoever loves going into and exploring nature nature will love Zupa.

Cavtat - Mausoleum of the Racic Family

Mausokeum of the Racic FamilyIvan Mestrovic

At the cemetery, on a hill above Cavtat, Croatian famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic built for the Racic family in a mausoleum from white Brac stone . The mausoleum was erected in 1921. Racic family belong to a line of famous sea- captains of Cavtat.

Whereas the mausoleum is built from Brac stone, the only other material used is bronze, of which the door and bell were made. The bronze bell in the cupola bears the inscription "Know the mystery of love and though shall solve the mystery of death and believe that life is eternal." The interior of the mausoleum contains relief's depicting the stages of life.